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Looking Good versus “Looking Good”

20 Jul

So these past two weeks while being intense having been really exciting. My dear friend, Alfonso Santaniello, and I launched a new business this week – The Businews Channel. By going to you will see how business meets entertainment.

Not only did we launch this channel but I also started my own show on the channel, Chapell’s Corner. This web show is a weekly show about business, life, and everything in-between. Yes the tagline is broad and it is meant to be – I have a lot of varied experience and regardless of what it is somehow business always plays a role! What I have learned though after my first taping… don’t wear a dress!!! Or have the person behind the camera pay close attention to the angle!!

Alfonso, who was the camera guy, called me this week to say “we need to re tape your show.” After more explanation apparently you could see up my dress. Low and behold, you couldn’t see “up” my dress but because my legs were crossed and I was wearing a dress… my thigh was not looking attractive!!! So while I didn’t need a black bar hiding any private areas it still wasn’t pretty.

What I am learning about being on camera when you aren’t on an actual TV Studio set with multiple cameras and different angles, sorry Alfonso but we aren’t there yet, is DO NOT wear a short dress, or above knee-length and cross your legs! There really is such a thing as looking good to appear nice versus actually looking good on camera. Lesson learned – pants or longer dresses when taping. You may be reading this and say “don’t cross your legs then” but I have a tendency to cross my legs so can’t promise not to.

Whether you come on my show or go on the news or a TV talk show remember not only is it important to look nice/professional/cute/put together/etc. but you should also look “camera” good, meaning if you sit down and/or cross your legs where does your dress/skirt ride up to?!

~xoxo KLC


Stella Got Her Groove Back

3 May

Okay, maybe not Stella more like Kristina got her groove back!!! Oh yeah, on vacation I certainly got my groove back. I am not sure if it was the tan, the ocean air, or the guys drinking too much but my BFF, Alissa, and I could not go anywhere without me getting hit on. And by no means am I complaining… I enjoyed every minute of it. There is one problem though… I came back home!

I met a really cute bartender/waiter who ignored the other five in our party. My drinks and shots were on him and the leftover pizza slice made its way to me… no one else was offered the leftovers. Oh, he even had them change the TV in front of us to the Lakers game so I could watch. And my disclaimer for my Celtics fans/lovers – I too love the Celtics but I am loving Lamar Odom these days because of the Kardashians.

Another night was spent with friends and one guy in particular went from sober to wasted in two/three hours….maybe less. And throughout the night he asked his friend to ask my friend, Alissa is I liked him… I felt like I was five years old again. And the next morning he called his friend again to ask if I was interested and he wanted to see me again. The funny thing is… I ignored the crap out of him!!! Literally when I realized he was wasted, plus I wasn’t interested in the first place, I really ignored him and was surprised at his behaviors. He was out with three others – his friend Gary, and Alissa and me. He would get Gary a drink or shots, but ignore Alissa and me. And he thinks I would be interested??? Doesn’t buy me a drink and wants to go out with me…hah!

In Atlanta for girls night while nothing happened I was being eyed by some guy at the bar where we were having dinner. Problem I have is, if you area guy alone at a bar on a Monday night I begin to wonder what the rest of your week looks like. Usually unless we do dinners with friends, the early week isn’t spent at a bar… typically the end of the week is. So when you start on a Monday I am a little skeptical; just sayin’. 

Why is it I go away on vacation, just like Stella, and have a blast with a select few men and then come back home and it’s life as usual? The guys, and sorry to my guy friends, in this area suck. But it wasn’t just I was getting attention in Florida that I haven’t gotten up here in western MA in a while but I felt like a new woman. So begs me to ask…can you only have your groove back when you go on vacation? Can you really bring your groove back from vacation with you?

While I won’t share the intimate details of “Kristina got her groove back,” do know it was fund while it lasted. And trying to plan another trip soon… gotta keep my groove going! 😉

One Door is Closing…Another One is Opening

17 Apr

It’s been a while since I have written and I apologize but I have a good reason – I was finishing my master’s program. See, I told you it was good! 🙂 Since March 2009 I have been in graduate school and I am finally done as of yesterday. Well, as long as I get a passing grade on my paper 😉

So as I said I have been in school since 2009. My life has been centered around school work and some Saturdays in school too. At times I admit, I was ready to walk away but I stuck with it and wow, two years later… I have to admit, anxiety definitely set in over the summer because I knew school was coming to an end. It was such a constant in my life – I didn’t have time to vacation, see all my friends, etc. – but I was stressing because I wasn’t sure what was next. If you don’t really know me (and many of you don’t), I don’t sit well; I can’t sit still for long. I take a day off to relax and by early to mid-afternoon I am bored and need to do something. So I was honestly worried what I was going to fill my time with next.

Well lo and behold last year around this time I met a new friend, on Twitter no less, Alfonso. Al, as I call him, and I have similar work backgrounds, ethics, habits, etc. and hit it off on the work front. While we both work in different venues we often collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. I have to admit it is nice to have someone who gets your work and has similar philosophies about work. Throughout the year we have had many different “conversations” about projects and most recently we have gotten more serious about a project which means I need not have anxiety anymore about my future… I am taken on a new role!

While I will continue to work full-time as a development professional and a college professor I am becoming the Chief Brand Officer for The Businews Channel. Have you heard of it??? Probably not because it is a new project Al and I are working on. I can’t tell you too much except the channel is launching in July and I will have my own show!!! Can you believe I have my own show?! I am not sure Al knows what he is getting into by giving me a mic and a camera, but then again after many nights and weekends working on this… he just might know and is willing to turn his head 😉

So as one door closes, school, I am opening up a new door. One of excitement and fun because as far as we know this has never been done before and by that I mean no one has ever given me access to a weekly show all about me! Okay, not all about me… but staring me  🙂  And I am only kidding about me; honestly we don’t think anyone has truly tried what Al and I are about to do and I am grateful Al thought I would be a good business partner for him. And I am grateful he is giving me something to do now that school is ending… but sorry he has to spend so much time with me. Poor guy knows about the color of my nails and toes, knows when I am cranky and moody because I haven’t had coffee yet, knows the stare I have when I am wearing sunglasses, and knows when I am not in heels clicking down the hallway something is usually wrong.

So as I look towards May 15 and graduation…oh yes, I am rocking my cap and gown for a little pomp and circumstance I ask you to take a look at my new venture. It’s gonna be awesome and not just because I am involved or have a show but because I truly believe in the concept and the people who are going to be joining Al and I too on this venture.

Hope you enjoy!

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