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Precious Life

21 Aug

Today’s post is a little somber… my grandma passed away last night. This was my dad’s mom, a woman who had seven children, lost her husband to a heart attack when my dad was in his teen years and continued to be strong until yesterday. At 90 years old she lived a good, yet rough, life.

Gram lived six hours away in New York. When I was younger and she was too she would come visit every year for a week in her mobile home. I remember she would park on the side of the house and I loved going into her “home” to visit her. She had a love of foxes and that was clear when you walked into her home.

Over the past 10 – 15 years she settled into an apartment in her hometown of Batavia, NY as traveling was not her friend anymore. This meant I didn’t see her often but she never missed a birthday card… which I was one of the only grandkids to get one. Not sure why, maybe because dad’s birthday was three days before mine… easy to remember?! Over the past two years my dad has traveled to visit when she wasn’t doing well and most recently my parents and sister went up for her 90th birthday, a birthday I had to miss because I couldn’t get out of an obligation. I wasn’t angry at anyone, it was ultimately my choice but I still felt bad… I honestly hoped she would hang in until my aunt married this October. It was more even heart-wrenching to know she kept asking for me.

Gram passed last night and the last time I talked to her was a few months ago, the last time I saw her… four years ago at my sister’s wedding. We were never a family to visit often but still, at a time like this you can’t help but think about it. I have one grandparent left, my mom’s mom, my nana. She lives within three miles from my house and I see her weekly at church but gram’s death makes me realize near or far, I need to be a better granddaughter. Life is too precious to “take it for granted.”

Grandma, I love you forever and always.

~ xoxo KLC


Enough is Enough

6 Jul

Okay, this post is a total venting session… I hate car mechanics!!! I have been spending the past six months going back and forth to one. He fixed my transmission but every time I turn around something else is wrong… transmission related. Luckily it is free because I have a one year warranty but I am constantly out a car when I need to drop it off  for them to look at it.

I don’t feel like this guy is taking me for a ride because he is actually losing money as I keep coming back and I don’t pay but this is getting ridiculous. I am about ready to pay dealer service prices at this point… and we all know that isn’t good either!

So you know how bad it is… a thunderstorm just came through and I wish the tree in my yard was hit by lightning so it could fall on my car. That, and last month we hard a tornado so when the skies darkened I secretly wished it was another tornado so it could take my car with it! I know, I know… but enough is enough.

Welcome Back… okay welcoming me back!

27 Jun

I have been away for some time, not that I was actually away but I obviously did not write in a while. It wasn’t like I had not thought about it because I did, but the thoughts didn’t turn into action – until now. And as I am writing this a commercial for Disney’s Winnie the Pooh is on and the music playing in the background is from Grey’s Anatomy… just a weird mix if I say so myself. Winnie and McDreamy??? What a combo?!

Okay, so back to the topic at hand… not really sure what that is but let’s shoot for something… When I last left all was well, busy but that is typically my life. What you do not know is life was about to get a little crazier; on June 1, 2011 my city was hit with a tornado. Being in New England this was a strange one for us, but is happened. I was out-of-town when it hit and when all was said and done I could not get home right away.

I hate to admit… I was panicked. I was stuck in Boston, not able to get home because the weather was so bad and when I could make it out I couldn’t get back to my house for a few hours… too many trees and debris down. When I finally did make it home, I just wanted to stay there with my parents and my dog (moved back in with the ‘rents after a few years and a bad relationship later). All I wanted to do was be at home, in the neighborhood I knew and grew up in, and that is what I did. I took the rest of the week off and just let everything I went through sink in. Seeing your landscape forever change is truly unreal. What I learned after a few days, we were definitely not hit the hardest so then I started reliving everything over again… and still do when I go to new parts of town and see the destruction. It really is hard to see.

I also got a new coworker since I wrote last and an intern. Let me just say the intern I will keep, the coworker has to grow on me. I can only take her in small amounts… she is a bit annoying. And as I write that… I am sure I am annoying at times too but it’s not about me right now, it is about her! 🙂 The most annoying thing… instead of saying the word crap she says “poop.” She could say crap or stuff but no… poop. Drives me up a wall!!!

In other news I am working with a wonderful nine-year old. She has two pageants coming up this summer and her mom asked me to help her with her talent and interview portion. I have to say… working with a nine-year old on interview questions is interesting; realized focus only lasts for 25 minutes or so which means I have to get creative. All in all… she is adorable and I love working with her.

I typically work as a judge for pageants but because she is in a different age group and pageant then the ones I judge I can work with her. The funny thing is at her age I am not judging them on body parts jiggling. Yes, I said jiggle. I cannot tell you the amount of times I had to tell girls in order to move on they needed to run a little, do some more ab work, or even work on the triceps. Oh and butt glue… yes there is such a thing. It keeps your bathing suit in place when walking on stage… something nine-year olds don’t need to worry about… at least in these pageants.

So… how about that butt glue?! Okay, enough for now… more to come and promise to be more consistent this time; I am finding myself with more time on my hands now. Did anything interesting happen to you while I was away? Do share!!!

~xoxo KC

Weekend In Review

30 May

This weekend has been a whirlwind. Family drama started up yet again on Friday and this time… it all came to a head. Without going into detail of my family drama, it was a rough day/weekend for all of us. It’s hard to watch someone you love not want to help themselves and try to destroy you in the process.

What this not so fab family drama did do was give me moment to pause. It gave me time to spend with my parents, to relax, and to think about where I have been going and where I might be going. I haven’t had a weekend like this in years. Normally I hate to spend time “alone” and let my thoughts just sit inside of me but I relished it this weekend. I take great comfort in knowing I found solace over the weekend.

Over the weekend, my anger slowly faded. This may have had to do with the sermon in church yesterday but I know I am still mad and upset, but not angry. I also appreciate my parents in many more ways than I did, or at least I realize now how much I appreciate them. They have done so much for me and my siblings, but for me they have supported me through undergrad and then three graduate programs, the occasional money loan; never asking for too much in return.

I don’t sit well for long, but this weekend I enjoyed sleeping and just sitting. I think after everything I have been through with getting through two graduate programs, works, and family drama lately I needed sleeping and sitting. The difference this time was I allowed my mind to wander and think about everything. Today, I found contentment in just sitting on the patio, in the sun, doing nothing! I just let myself feel the warmth on my face and the breeze blow through my hair.

Looking back at the weekend now the saddest part might have just been catching up on my DVR… that means I need to get busy again so I have more shows to watch when I just need to veg out. I am all caught up on the Real Housewives… and it kills me to watch an episode I can’t fast forward through, a downfall of watching TV shows on DVR now!

What I can say about this weekend in a hope to impart wisdom on my dear friends who read this – when you have alone time, family drama, or not… sit with yourself and your thoughts. Don’t push the thoughts away; let them simmer in your head, feel them. I somehow came out of this weekend a much stronger, enlightened person all because I felt what I needed to feel.

This may not have been the Memorial Day Weekend I planned – the trip to Florida or the road trip to Sturbridge which was a last-minute thought – but it was a really great Memorial Day Weekend; one I will cherish for years to come.

Graduation Day

18 May







In 2002 I graduated from Simmons College, Boston, MA, with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing Communications. I never dreamed of continuing my education because in this field I figured all I would need is professional development. Well, I left Boston for a job in my hometown of Springfield, MA and soon realized I was bored. I had no friends except friends from work and those relationships were just starting. So when a graduate school college fair was in our cafeteria one day I decided to look into a program.

Things happened quickly and in less than 9 months since graduating from undergrad I was in school working towards a Master’s of Communications. I started and finished in 12 months. I was happy but realized this degree didn’t do much for me and I figured some day an MBA might be in order.

As you may have read I was laid off in 2008 and after sis months of looking for a job and then a looming recession I decided it was time to go into debt and works towards my MBA. Because I had one master’s I didn’t have to take the electives; however, Financial Aid said I wasn’t a full-time student without extra courses. So I took a few from the nonprofit program and was then convinced to take two more to get a certificate in NonProfit Management. And when in my first class was convinced to look into three more classes and making it a double master’s.

That is what I ended up doing. I spent a total of two years working for my MBA and a M.S. and today I have them. I didn’t plan anything but realized if I wanted to be marketable during the recession school was my only option besides being a full-time volunteer. And everything paid off, I have a wonderful job now and this past Sunday, May 15th, I walked with 689 other graduates. I wore both of my master’s hoods and while I only walked across stage once, they made a big deal about me and announced both degrees.

I felt extremely proud. I took a negative situation and turned it into a positive one, even though I wasn’t sure at sometimes just what I was doing. I was even more proud on this day because I have also become an Adjunct Professor at the same school I just graduated from, Bay Path College, and I got to see the seniors I taught walk across the stage and graduate. I made sure to hug each one of my on-campus students as they walked off stage; it was important for me to do. I wanted to hugmyonline students too but being online I didn’t really know what they looked like and didn’t want to mistake anyone. They all accomplished something huge; many of them had their own personal struggles and to know I was a part of their college career made me feel so proud.

I walked out of the building that day walking taller than ever before. Not only was I proud of my accomplishments over the past two years, I was proud of all my students and their accomplishments. Many of my friends who know me know I kid about it “being all about me” and yes, Sunday was about me but it was about more than me… it was about 690 graduates, some whose lives I touched, who are entering the world and ready to make history and to know I am part of that group but was also instrumental in some of these lives, I will forever be a proud graduate and never forget this day.

Thank you to all my friends and family who took this journey of self-discovery and self-realization with me. I am honored to have you in my life. ~xoxo

Could a Vacation Change Your Future?

3 May

Okay, I had the best intentions to write this sooner…like on the plane ride home but somehow I booked myself with work non-stop the minute I got off the plane.

For the past two years I have been out straight with life. As mentioned in previous posts I was laid off in June 2008. I enjoyed a wonderful summer of vacationing in Lake George but then reality set in come September ’08 and I needed a job…but the recession was settling in too. Skipping ahead to January 2009 I enrolled in graduate school and then my life became non-stop with school every week, even the summers. So it is safe to say that from January 2009 until January 2011 I had no vacation. For New Year’s this year I spent three days in Atlanta but that was a whirlwind and truly made me want more.

In April I had my chance! I was so hungry for a longer vacation period after my trip in January I booked my April vacation in February. I planned on spending the Easter holiday in Atlanta where my BFF lives. And wouldn’t you know she surprises me and we end up spending three of my six days in Venice Beach, Florida.

And oh was Venice nice. As someone who was used to the west coast of Florida; my brother used to live in Palm Beach, this was the first time I was ever on the east coast. The sand was white, the water blue, and of course the sun was out. We spent every day, event Easter Sunday, on the beach tanning and then watch the sun literally melt into the ocean every night.

I spent my last two days in Atlanta and have found my BFF’s Atlanta friends and I get along so well it was like I lived there too. And we all text, Facebook, etc. when I am not there so to have Monday night dinner with the girls, all four of us, was so nice. It made me feel right at home and honestly made me question my future… where I want to finally settle down. While I have made a nice life for myself in western MA I am not sure I truly fit here. I think I am more of a big city girl…and I do love warm weather!

My vacation was one of the best yet because I was able to let the outside world go (okay it took my two full days to get off email) and I was with people I really wanted to be with, but it definitely made me think about my future… is that what a vacation is supposed to do? Has this ever happened to you – have you gone on vacation and wondered should I move, am I really living in the right place?

One Door is Closing…Another One is Opening

17 Apr

It’s been a while since I have written and I apologize but I have a good reason – I was finishing my master’s program. See, I told you it was good! 🙂 Since March 2009 I have been in graduate school and I am finally done as of yesterday. Well, as long as I get a passing grade on my paper 😉

So as I said I have been in school since 2009. My life has been centered around school work and some Saturdays in school too. At times I admit, I was ready to walk away but I stuck with it and wow, two years later… I have to admit, anxiety definitely set in over the summer because I knew school was coming to an end. It was such a constant in my life – I didn’t have time to vacation, see all my friends, etc. – but I was stressing because I wasn’t sure what was next. If you don’t really know me (and many of you don’t), I don’t sit well; I can’t sit still for long. I take a day off to relax and by early to mid-afternoon I am bored and need to do something. So I was honestly worried what I was going to fill my time with next.

Well lo and behold last year around this time I met a new friend, on Twitter no less, Alfonso. Al, as I call him, and I have similar work backgrounds, ethics, habits, etc. and hit it off on the work front. While we both work in different venues we often collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. I have to admit it is nice to have someone who gets your work and has similar philosophies about work. Throughout the year we have had many different “conversations” about projects and most recently we have gotten more serious about a project which means I need not have anxiety anymore about my future… I am taken on a new role!

While I will continue to work full-time as a development professional and a college professor I am becoming the Chief Brand Officer for The Businews Channel. Have you heard of it??? Probably not because it is a new project Al and I are working on. I can’t tell you too much except the channel is launching in July and I will have my own show!!! Can you believe I have my own show?! I am not sure Al knows what he is getting into by giving me a mic and a camera, but then again after many nights and weekends working on this… he just might know and is willing to turn his head 😉

So as one door closes, school, I am opening up a new door. One of excitement and fun because as far as we know this has never been done before and by that I mean no one has ever given me access to a weekly show all about me! Okay, not all about me… but staring me  🙂  And I am only kidding about me; honestly we don’t think anyone has truly tried what Al and I are about to do and I am grateful Al thought I would be a good business partner for him. And I am grateful he is giving me something to do now that school is ending… but sorry he has to spend so much time with me. Poor guy knows about the color of my nails and toes, knows when I am cranky and moody because I haven’t had coffee yet, knows the stare I have when I am wearing sunglasses, and knows when I am not in heels clicking down the hallway something is usually wrong.

So as I look towards May 15 and graduation…oh yes, I am rocking my cap and gown for a little pomp and circumstance I ask you to take a look at my new venture. It’s gonna be awesome and not just because I am involved or have a show but because I truly believe in the concept and the people who are going to be joining Al and I too on this venture.

Hope you enjoy!

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