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Precious Life

21 Aug

Today’s post is a little somber… my grandma passed away last night. This was my dad’s mom, a woman who had seven children, lost her husband to a heart attack when my dad was in his teen years and continued to be strong until yesterday. At 90 years old she lived a good, yet rough, life.

Gram lived six hours away in New York. When I was younger and she was too she would come visit every year for a week in her mobile home. I remember she would park on the side of the house and I loved going into her “home” to visit her. She had a love of foxes and that was clear when you walked into her home.

Over the past 10 – 15 years she settled into an apartment in her hometown of Batavia, NY as traveling was not her friend anymore. This meant I didn’t see her often but she never missed a birthday card… which I was one of the only grandkids to get one. Not sure why, maybe because dad’s birthday was three days before mine… easy to remember?! Over the past two years my dad has traveled to visit when she wasn’t doing well and most recently my parents and sister went up for her 90th birthday, a birthday I had to miss because I couldn’t get out of an obligation. I wasn’t angry at anyone, it was ultimately my choice but I still felt bad… I honestly hoped she would hang in until my aunt married this October. It was more even heart-wrenching to know she kept asking for me.

Gram passed last night and the last time I talked to her was a few months ago, the last time I saw her… four years ago at my sister’s wedding. We were never a family to visit often but still, at a time like this you can’t help but think about it. I have one grandparent left, my mom’s mom, my nana. She lives within three miles from my house and I see her weekly at church but gram’s death makes me realize near or far, I need to be a better granddaughter. Life is too precious to “take it for granted.”

Grandma, I love you forever and always.

~ xoxo KLC


My Inner Diva

7 Aug

It is no surprise to those who know me… I am not a size zero or two or four, or even six. Frankly it has been a while since I was a size 8 or even 10. That said, I dress for my size while trying to look cute, professional, and 30. I admit, I tend to be a bit conservative because I am not a size zero or two and don’t always think I can wear something a little short, fun, and flirty.

Well, I was wrong. My good friend Erin took me shopping yesterday…well we met at her new fav boutique which happens to be inexpensive, something else I needed. I often joked as I picked out some of the clothes, they were cute but I did not think they would work on me. Erin made me try them on and you know what, while some definitely were a no, some were a YES. I ended up with a plum strapless dress with silver accents hitting just above the knee. Not a dress to bend over in and something I would have never bought myself; I would have said I am “too big” to wear it. But with the heels and the hair down… I looked divalicous for a night on the town, which we did go out last night too.

Erin is slowly (because I move slow on this end) helping me realize I can dress for my size and cute and in style with some of the latest trends and still pull it all off. Apparently I need to embrace my curves or something like that… 😉 Embracing my curves or not, I admit I felt myself sit a little straighter, walk a little taller, and feel a little cuter last night. 

Here’s to embracing my inner diva (thanks Erin) and knowing I still need to hit the gym!

~xoxo KLC

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