Enough is Enough

6 Jul

Okay, this post is a total venting session… I hate car mechanics!!! I have been spending the past six months going back and forth to one. He fixed my transmission but every time I turn around something else is wrong… transmission related. Luckily it is free because I have a one year warranty but I am constantly out a car when I need to drop it off  for them to look at it.

I don’t feel like this guy is taking me for a ride because he is actually losing money as I keep coming back and I don’t pay but this is getting ridiculous. I am about ready to pay dealer service prices at this point… and we all know that isn’t good either!

So you know how bad it is… a thunderstorm just came through and I wish the tree in my yard was hit by lightning so it could fall on my car. That, and last month we hard a tornado so when the skies darkened I secretly wished it was another tornado so it could take my car with it! I know, I know… but enough is enough.


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