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Looking Good versus “Looking Good”

20 Jul

So these past two weeks while being intense having been really exciting. My dear friend, Alfonso Santaniello, and I launched a new business this week – The Businews Channel. By going to you will see how business meets entertainment.

Not only did we launch this channel but I also started my own show on the channel, Chapell’s Corner. This web show is a weekly show about business, life, and everything in-between. Yes the tagline is broad and it is meant to be – I have a lot of varied experience and regardless of what it is somehow business always plays a role! What I have learned though after my first taping… don’t wear a dress!!! Or have the person behind the camera pay close attention to the angle!!

Alfonso, who was the camera guy, called me this week to say “we need to re tape your show.” After more explanation apparently you could see up my dress. Low and behold, you couldn’t see “up” my dress but because my legs were crossed and I was wearing a dress… my thigh was not looking attractive!!! So while I didn’t need a black bar hiding any private areas it still wasn’t pretty.

What I am learning about being on camera when you aren’t on an actual TV Studio set with multiple cameras and different angles, sorry Alfonso but we aren’t there yet, is DO NOT wear a short dress, or above knee-length and cross your legs! There really is such a thing as looking good to appear nice versus actually looking good on camera. Lesson learned – pants or longer dresses when taping. You may be reading this and say “don’t cross your legs then” but I have a tendency to cross my legs so can’t promise not to.

Whether you come on my show or go on the news or a TV talk show remember not only is it important to look nice/professional/cute/put together/etc. but you should also look “camera” good, meaning if you sit down and/or cross your legs where does your dress/skirt ride up to?!

~xoxo KLC


Enough is Enough

6 Jul

Okay, this post is a total venting session… I hate car mechanics!!! I have been spending the past six months going back and forth to one. He fixed my transmission but every time I turn around something else is wrong… transmission related. Luckily it is free because I have a one year warranty but I am constantly out a car when I need to drop it off  for them to look at it.

I don’t feel like this guy is taking me for a ride because he is actually losing money as I keep coming back and I don’t pay but this is getting ridiculous. I am about ready to pay dealer service prices at this point… and we all know that isn’t good either!

So you know how bad it is… a thunderstorm just came through and I wish the tree in my yard was hit by lightning so it could fall on my car. That, and last month we hard a tornado so when the skies darkened I secretly wished it was another tornado so it could take my car with it! I know, I know… but enough is enough.

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