Welcome Back… okay welcoming me back!

27 Jun

I have been away for some time, not that I was actually away but I obviously did not write in a while. It wasn’t like I had not thought about it because I did, but the thoughts didn’t turn into action – until now. And as I am writing this a commercial for Disney’s Winnie the Pooh is on and the music playing in the background is from Grey’s Anatomy… just a weird mix if I say so myself. Winnie and McDreamy??? What a combo?!

Okay, so back to the topic at hand… not really sure what that is but let’s shoot for something… When I last left all was well, busy but that is typically my life. What you do not know is life was about to get a little crazier; on June 1, 2011 my city was hit with a tornado. Being in New England this was a strange one for us, but is happened. I was out-of-town when it hit and when all was said and done I could not get home right away.

I hate to admit… I was panicked. I was stuck in Boston, not able to get home because the weather was so bad and when I could make it out I couldn’t get back to my house for a few hours… too many trees and debris down. When I finally did make it home, I just wanted to stay there with my parents and my dog (moved back in with the ‘rents after a few years and a bad relationship later). All I wanted to do was be at home, in the neighborhood I knew and grew up in, and that is what I did. I took the rest of the week off and just let everything I went through sink in. Seeing your landscape forever change is truly unreal. What I learned after a few days, we were definitely not hit the hardest so then I started reliving everything over again… and still do when I go to new parts of town and see the destruction. It really is hard to see.

I also got a new coworker since I wrote last and an intern. Let me just say the intern I will keep, the coworker has to grow on me. I can only take her in small amounts… she is a bit annoying. And as I write that… I am sure I am annoying at times too but it’s not about me right now, it is about her! 🙂 The most annoying thing… instead of saying the word crap she says “poop.” She could say crap or stuff but no… poop. Drives me up a wall!!!

In other news I am working with a wonderful nine-year old. She has two pageants coming up this summer and her mom asked me to help her with her talent and interview portion. I have to say… working with a nine-year old on interview questions is interesting; realized focus only lasts for 25 minutes or so which means I have to get creative. All in all… she is adorable and I love working with her.

I typically work as a judge for pageants but because she is in a different age group and pageant then the ones I judge I can work with her. The funny thing is at her age I am not judging them on body parts jiggling. Yes, I said jiggle. I cannot tell you the amount of times I had to tell girls in order to move on they needed to run a little, do some more ab work, or even work on the triceps. Oh and butt glue… yes there is such a thing. It keeps your bathing suit in place when walking on stage… something nine-year olds don’t need to worry about… at least in these pageants.

So… how about that butt glue?! Okay, enough for now… more to come and promise to be more consistent this time; I am finding myself with more time on my hands now. Did anything interesting happen to you while I was away? Do share!!!

~xoxo KC


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