In Love With The Kennedys

3 May

I don’t know about you but since I was a little girl I loved all things Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was, and still is, my icon. She is the one person in this world I wish I had the chance to know, interview, talk to, etc. I have always been in awe over the entire family; but she always struck me. Her style, her grace… through everything she endured she had an amazing demeanor about her; one I admire, one I wish to have.

In more recent years another Kennedy has struck me in similar ways, Victoria Reggie Kennedy the wife of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. She was a woman of grace and dignity. She married someone who right or wrong, has a colored past but she never seemed to let it bother her. Kennedy herself was an accomplished lawyer and truly seemed to be in love with her husband.

To my delight, Vicki Kennedy was the keynote speaker at the 16th Annual Bay Path Women’s Leadership Conference held April 29th. Being an alum of the college and in charge of Tweeting from the conference account for the day, I had backstage access and was able to meet Vicki Kennedy. When I met Vicki she shook my hand with a double hand shake – the one that comforts you when you meet someone, and complimented me on my dress. We took a picture and then she took a few minutes to chat with me, then I had to move on… apparently it wasn’t all about me, others wanted to meet her too! 😉

During her speech it was clear she loved her husband. There is a spark in someone’s eyes when they truly love someone – they lite up without even knowing it. Vicki had this spark when she spoke of her husband, you could tell she was in love with Teddy; it wasn’t for a name or status. I only wish to find the type of love she had.

After her speech – she was the closing keynote, I was able to chat with Vicki again; she even signed my conference program. I was so excited for her to sign my program I didn’t care she was spelling my name with a CH instead of a K. A friend, who was looking over my shoulder, pointed out the spelling error. Vicki felt awful and fixed it, then crossed it out and wrote “Oops…sorry.” Me, I didn’t care… I was just happy to have her sign something to my attention no matter how my name was spelled.

I have to be honest and admit – I tweeted, Facebooked, and texted a few friends about my meeting Vicki Kennedy. You could have thought she was Michelle Obama or a big celebrity for how I carried on about it but meeting a Kennedy, especially Vicki, really was a dream come true.

Still on my Kennedy high I realized I was able to watch the Kennedy miniseries which just came out, because it is on Comcast OnDemand. I didn’t watch it all, only episodes 1 and 2, but between meeting a Kennedy and then watching the story of the Kennedy’s and John and Jackie’s life… I was in heaven.

Who is that one person you really are in love with and want to meet? I am not talking Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Jennifer Anniston or Meghan Fox but that one person who truly makes an impact on your life in some way – whether style, iconic, trendsetter, innovator, etc. Who would rock your world if you met them?


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