Someone Has to Say it…

13 Mar

…why not me?!

This week I realized how much candor I really have. I find I censor myself with those professionals I need to; however, around my close friends – be it male or female, I don’t sensor myself. I talk about my new tights that suck me in, or being moody because it is that time of the month, and even that I forgot a clean bra for after my gym workout and needed to improvise until I could run to Kohl’s later in the morning. I know I always just speak my mind but during family dinner tonight and sharing a few things they made me wonder ‘should I censor or filter?’

I obviously don’t say these things in a professional setting where it isn’t appropriate but I think it is fine to share these funny comments/stories with friends. It is what makes me, me. Should I filter my comments because I am around a guy who is a good friend? As far as I am concerned the males I am friends with have mothers, sisters, female relatives, and could one day be married – they will eventually catch on to periods and moodiness, tampons, tights and under garments that suck us in and smooth out things which could use a little smoothing out, bad hair days, face masks, etc. So why do I need to censor? It is what it is.

I sometimes think I would love to have a radio show – just an hour or two – where I can talk about all things female and life related. I have had some interesting experiences in my life with dating and just life in general and I am willing to talk about them. They are experiences that have helped shaped me into the woman I am today and they definitely make for fun stories and a good laugh. I have learned to accept throwing myself under a bus (metaphorically speaking) because as far as I am concerned, I am who I am and if I can make someone laugh or learn from my experiences, I am willing to do it and I am willing to make fun of myself at the same time.

My stories might be more relatable to women but my brother laughs when I share female stuff (don’t worry, don’t cross any real personal lines) because it gives him insight into “the ladies” as he says. My brother knows all about Vera Bradley, Coach, colors and styles that makes us women look slimmer, Uggs, etc. And I think it has helped him a few times in knowing this stuff, if you catch my drift. 😉

So while my parents, who at 60, think I share a little too much with the male population I am not sure I do. I don’t get into the nitty-gritty, I do keep it very high level and sometimes my friends can attest I struggle to tell the story in a way that doesn’t scare them off but still manage to tell them what happened to me a few hours earlier, so I do censor a little. But as for me, it is my life and my experiences and if you want to be a good friend of mine… suck it up and deal. This IS me and frankly, it could be a lot worse. I don’t swear a lot, I don’t smoke, I don’t make fun of others … I just share my stories hope to make you laugh…at my expense. 🙂  And if you are offended and don’t want to know…tell me, I can censor for you.


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