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My World Crumbled…Now What?

31 Aug

    I lost my job, went out with friends for a 30-mile bike ride, felt good but then I went to bed. I wasn’t thinking what it would be like to sleep in and not go to work. Sure it sounds fabulous to not have to wake up early and sleep in but what happens when that is your schedule?? My schedule was wake up at 4:30, head to the gym, shower and head off to work. And now what schedule was gone. First my job then my schedule.

    I did sleep in the morning after, I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t do anything what was “normal” to me as far as my routine went. I went for coffee, laid around, played with my dog and emailed me friends. I felt I needed a day for me and to let what happened sink in. Of course I took many phone calls and emails from people who were just starting to hear the news and wanted to touch base with me. That overwhelming response was amazing and made me feel so loved and blessed. Would I find this again in another career?

    After my lazy day I spent that same evening planning out my next day. I enjoyed the day but I need routine, I can’t lie. I need my gym for that’s where I find my sanity and I can’t sleep in until 10 a.m. because then nothing ends up getting done. I admit I scheduled in some “lazy time” and it was the summer after all so I wasn’t going to be a complete “work-a-holic” but I couldn’t waste the days and summer having fun.

    The lesson I learned after hearing the words – your job was eliminated – is to not give up your schedule. Modify it because looking for a new position is taxing and tiring and frankly repetitive so schedule some free time. Don’t give up on the things that make you you – the gym, the early mornings, etc. Whatever routines worked for you while working try to keep when you aren’t working. Maybe add some new ones though. I couldn’t take yoga classes before because I was working but now that I am not working I can. And it is through some of these new experiences you meet new people and make new connections. You can’t hide away when you lose your job. You can’t think your worthless, a loser, or anything else negative which may enter that brain of yours. You need to stay positive and I say this knowing it is easier said than done, but having been there and still there I know. I can empathize and sympathize.


The World As I Know It Crumbles…

31 Aug

    Have you ever experienced these famous words – “we are eliminating your position.”? Have you ever had to be walked out of our office building because that was the “procedure” and it didn’t matter if you did something right or wrong, it was just the way things were done? I did. I remember the day like it was yesterday, but it was June 15, 2008, not yesterday.

    I had a long, hard fight for my job up to the end. I had two great years under a boss who saw my strengths and pushed me to do more and noticed my weaknesses and helped me step out from their shadows. Then we both got a new boss and while my boss struggled with her job, I found myself having some of her same issues too. My boss was eventually let go and it was only a matter of time for me. I knew in my heart I was going to eventually be let go. It’s not that neither of us were bad workers, we just were not well liked by the new top boss. We had different style of work and that was often a conflict. Eventually the day came and those words I had been dreading were actually said. I didn’t cry, I didn’t even tear up. I maintained my professionalism and my composure and walked back to my desk. I packed a box and left. But I had to be led out of the building by my manager because that was as I was told “routine and the way things were done.”  I felt like a common criminal and fought back the tears. I didn’t do anything wrong but always fought for my job, now I am being walked out!

    I made it to my car and called my mom at work. I cried and cried but I still maintained and do to this day I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I did what I was told, challeneged the status quo as I always did, and did my best. It wasn’t me. I found my composure again after getting off my phone and drove home. I had plans to go for a 30 mile bike ride that night with friends and didn’t have anyone’s number to call them. So I put my bike clothes on and met them. I contemplated going drinking but knew that would solve nothing but temporary relief and probably a morning headache. The exercise would do so much more for me. And it did; I was able to bike some of my frustrations out. Certainly not to say I was not upset when I came home but I was a little too tired to worry about my job. In fact I remember being happy I could sleep in.

    But the problem that would next arise for me – finding a job in a slumping economy…


31 Aug

Hi! My name is Kris and I decided to start blogging as I am trying to navigate through life and find success. And success can come in many ways – love, life, happiness, career, friendships, and more. I spent this past year feeling a little unsuccessful, especially in my career. I was laid off, as many people have been in today’s economy. I have become well versed in “the art of corporate rejection” which leads to be rejected in the dating world. Not working and finding a decent date is almost next to impossible. Join me as I share personal stories and thoughts about finding success in today’s world.

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